U16 WR 2020 Championships

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Selection Boards

Athletes listed below are selected for the U16 WR Championship series at Schweitzer.   The pull/confirm period is over.

WOMEN (Quota 5)

  1. Lantz, Georgia (Paid in Full)
  2. Schweiger, Ava (Paid in Full)
  3. Kragt, Abigail (Paid in Full)
  4. Gamez, Megan (Paid in Full)
  5. Neuberger, Sophie (Paid in Full)



WR Quota: Donley, Finnegan (Paid in Full)

(AK Quota 4)

  1. Ferucci, Daniel (Paid in Full)
  2. Johnsen, Max (Paid in Full)
  3. Bergstedt, Gunner (Paid in Full)
  4. Horrigan, James (Paid in Full)


Step 1.  Confirm Athlete & Pay Deposit

To accept (confirm) selection, pay the $250.00 Trip Deposit online using the form/button below.   The pull/confirm period is over.

We do not accept cash or checks. Payments must be made online here with the PayPal button form below. You do NOT need to have a PayPal account – you can use any major credit card.

** please make sure you choose the correct trip in the drop-down!! *


Step 2: Pay Trip Cost Estimate

Your Trip Cost Estimate MUST BE PAID IN FULL by MARCH 9, 2020
The Trip Cost Estimate is $1,330.00 per athlete.

Trip Cost Covers:  Lodging, Transportation, Lift Tickets, Race Entries, Wax, Souvenir, Team Jacket and breakfast.

We do not accept cash or checks.  Payments must be made online here with the PayPal button form below.   You do NOT need to have a PayPal account – you can use any major credit card.

Trip Cost Estimate – $250.00 Trip Deposit = Remaining Due of $1,080.00

Athlete’s Name

Trip Details

Competition: March 11-14, 2020
1 SG / 1 GS / 1 SL

Race Announcement [PDF]

Travel Coaches:  Jen Danza, Connor Bucky McDonald

Coach’s Travel Itinerary:   Please do not purchase airline tickets until we have posted the coaches travel itinerary.

Lodging: Athletes and coaches will be staying at the Fairbridge hotel in Sandpoint. Northern Division will also be lodging there and we will share the wax space.

Food:  Breakfast is included at the hotel. We are still figuring out a plan for dinner and lunches, and it is not included in this estimate cost.

Flight Itineraries for coaches:

Bucky McDonald
AK Air Confirmation code is: YSYHTX
He will be departing from Anchorage on March 9 at 12.35AM going through Seattle and landing in Spokane at 8:55AM. This is only a one way flight, as he will be heading AWG after this.

Jen Danza
AK Air Confirmation Code is DBKLWA
Jen will be flying from Anchorage on March 9 at 1:10AM going through Portland and landing in Spokane at 8:41AM.

On the way back we will be flying back on March 14 (AND NOT March 15) on the 9:15PM flight arriving in Anchorage at 2:15AM. If you do have problems booking that flight Bucky will be staying the night in Spokane and will be flying out on March 15 at 7:00AM heading toward Whitehorse, so you could book a flight at 7:00am or after for your athlete to get back home.  The Johnsens will be staying one more night in Spokane if that helps.