2020 Arctic Winter Games

The Arctic Winter Games (http://www.arcticwintergames.org/) is a high profile circumpolar sport competition for northern and arctic athletes. The Games provide an opportunity to strengthen sport development in the participants’ jurisdictions, to promote the benefits of sport, to build partnerships, and to promote culture and values. The Games celebrate sport, social exchange and cultures. The Games provide an opportunity for the developing athlete to compete in friendly competition while sharing cultural values from northern regions around the world.

Every two years Alaska athletes have an opportunity to participate in AWG.

For the 2020 AWG the team will consist of 12 athletes and 2 coaches
6 athletes (3 men, 3 women): U16
6 athletes (3 men, 3 women): U14

** Important Note **
No athlete may attend both AWG and Western Region Championships. Therefore, any athlete who places an intent for Arctic Winter Games will be INELIGIBLE for the 2016 U16 or U14 Western Region Championships or Tri-Divisionals.

Selection Boards

THESE BOARDS ARE FINAL!    If you have not done so, please send Natalie your athlete’s uniform size  – txt to 907 223 0858
If an athlete name is crossed out below, it means they were bumped up to Tri-Divisionals as the next alternate.

U16 WOMEN (Quota 3)

  1. Lukes, Lucy  Allard, Brooke-Lynn (Paid in Full)
  2. Schumacher, Sadie Langland, Annika (Paid in Full)
  3. Hester, Breanna  Lukes, Lucy (Paid in Full)

U14 WOMEN (Quota 3)

1. PEMBERTON, Caris (Paid in Full)
2. ALDERSON, Elizabeth (Paid in Full)
3. First Alternate:  KOMPKOFF, Kathleen (Paid in Full)

U16 MEN (Quota 3)

  1. Deschamps, Ryder Maxwell Carl (Paid in Full)
  2. Reinbold, William  Neuberger, Ben  (Paid in Full)
  3. Wrigley, John (Paid in Full)

U14 MEN (Quota 3)

1. SCHILLINGER, Alex FOLDS, Charlie (Paid in full)
2. ZACCARO, Brenner 
WILSON, Corbin (Intent Received)
3. CUTCHINS, Grady  BAJWA, Santiago (Paid in full)

Step 1: Athlete Confirms Spot

To accept (confirm) selection, pay the $250.00 Trip Deposit online using the form/button below. The Intent period is closed.  These boards are final.

We do not accept cash or checks. Payments must be made online here with the PayPal button form below. You do NOT need to have a PayPal account – you can use any major credit card.

** please make sure you choose the correct trip in the drop-down!! *


Step 2: Pay Trip Cost Estimate

We must receive athlete’s full trip payment by March 1, 2020.
The Trip Cost Estimate is $2,150.00 per athlete. The base price is set by the Alaska Arctic Winter Teams organization, and we’ve added additional expenses for coaches and/or chaperones.

Trip Cost Covers: Literally everthing! Team uniform, lodging, transportation, food, banquet, entries, lift tickets, etc…

We do not accept cash or checks. Payments must be made online here with the PayPal button form below. You do NOT need to have a PayPal account – you can use any major credit card.

Trip Cost Estimate – $250.00 Trip Deposit = Remaining Due of $1900.00

Athlete’s Name

2020 Arctic Winter Games

March 15-25, 2020
Whitehorse, Yukon CA
SL, GS, Parallel SL, Team Event
U16 > 3 women / 3 men
U14 > 3 women / 3 men

ATHLETE REGISTRATION: Must be submitted by Tuesday, February 25.

Registration Link #1https://awg2020.gems.pro/Participant/Register.aspx?Participant_Type_GUID=0fcb171c-4f85-40c8-97ba-6faabdfe0e44&Gems_ScreenWidth=1440&Gems_ScreenHeight=900&Gems_ScreenAvailWidth=1397&Gems_ScreenAvailHeight=877

Registration Link #2https://teamalaska.sportngin.com/register/form/343209846

Conor “Bucky” McDonald and Noah Sell
** We are seeking a women’s chaperone volunteer who will travel with the team, and sleep with the women’s team.  **
Contact Natalie at 907 223 0858 if you are interested!

Mount Sima Release Agreement
Complete the Release and then email to both shawn@teamalaska.org and admin@ussaak.org.

No High Fluro Waxes Allowed:  Based on some new developments re: importing High Fluoro waxes into Canada we will proceed with banning them from use during the 2020 AWG. This means no contingent may use high fluoro waxes will not be allowed during the 2020 AWG. As previously discussed this will be a “fair play” agreement in the spirit of the Games.

Uniform Distribution – Pickup

Please refer to the AWG Website for information on uniform distribution » (and also printed below!)

All Anchorage area athletes, coaches and mission staff will need to pick up their uniforms next Thursday, Friday or Saturday. Contact Natalie – admin@ussaak.org if you cannot pickup your uniform.

Location: Guest House Conference room 330 East 4th Ave Anchorage 99501 (access via back door in alley)
Times: Thursday 2/20 3:00 PM  – 7:00 PM,  Friday 2/21 3:00 PM – 7:00 PM and Saturday 2/22 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM