Administrative Rules for Alaska Division



All competitors are required to be current members of USSA and hold a current USSA alpine competitor 
license in order to compete in USSA scored races.

Age Groups

Alaska Division alpine competition follows the USSA grouping system. Classification ages are based upon the age of the racer as of December 31 of the current season. Some restrictions apply to specific age groups. A description of the age grouping system can be found in the USSA competition guide.


An athlete’s divisional and national financial obligations must be paid prior to the athlete’s departure for an out-of-division or championship competition.

Entry Fees

The host club must receive race entries, accompanied by entry fees, by the entry deadline as listed
 on the Alaska race calendar or as noted by host club race announcement.

  • USSA Scored Tech, USSA Scored Speed – $37
  • USSA Scored Speed Training – $25
  • Non Scored Tech, Non Scored Speed, Non Scored Speed Training – $25
  • FIS Technical – $48.00
  • FIS Speed – $52.00
  • FIS Training – $40.00

Please note:  These are maximum entry fee guidelines for races. Organizers can choose to charge less per start.  Entry fees are set by the Division ACC.

AK Divisional Head Tax

  • FIS Tech (Elite), FIS Speed, FIS Speed Training, FISU – $4
  • USSA Scored Races – $7
  • USSA Non-Scored Races – $7


Entry Deadlines

Late entries may be accepted depending on the sponsoring club’s published policy.

Entry Refunds

If a racer wishes to withdraw from a race, entry fees will be refunded only when notice is given to the race secretary prior to the draw at the team captain’s meeting of the race in question. If a DH or SG is canceled, the organizing club may keep the entire training fee if a training fee has been set and included in the race announcement. If a SL or GS is canceled, the organizer will refund the entire entry fee. Refunds will be mailed out within 30 days.

Out-of-Division Travel

Athletes wishing to travel to any out of division races must notify their club coach and the Alaska Division manager (

Race Announcements

All host clubs will be responsible for sending out pertinent race information such as the schedule, field size limits, lift fees and area releases to all USSA Alpine clubs within Alaska, no less than 30 days prior to the scheduled event.

Racing Bibs

The host club will issue racing bibs. The host club may charge a bib deposit at race registration or a fee for a lost bib or a bib returned late.

Race Results

Host clubs of divisional qualifiers will generate overall results that include the age group and second run times for each racer. Overall results will be posted to the Alaska Division web site within 72 hours of the completion of that event or series.

Out-of-Division Athletes Competing in the Alaska Division

Out-of-division athletes are welcome and invited to participate in all AK Division races at all age levels.  For all State Championship events (Alyeska Cup and U12/14 State Champs), only Alaska Division registered athletes are eligible for State Championship awards.

Team Rules and Selection Procedures for Western Region Quotas

Discretionary Selections

Up to 20 percent or 1 quota spot (whichever is greater) of any Alaska divisional quota may be allocated to discretionary selections. The use of this discretionary quota shall be the decision of the ACC. Petitions for exceptions must be made in writing, including supporting documentation, to the Coaches Working Group by the protest period of the final selection race. Approval of exception and inclusion into the quota shall be made by a majority vote of the ACC.

FIS Races

Racers will be selected to attend these events according to the policy for out-of-division travel. Selections will be made 25 days prior to the event, and athletes will have 48 hours to accept.

Selection Procedures for FIS Races
Selection is based on the National Team Selection Board (NTSB) using U.S. Ski and Snowboard seed points from the most current list on the selection date. The NTSB method is described in the U.S. Ski and Snowboard Alpine competition guide. Western Region automatics will not appear on the board. For Speed Series a modified NTSB board will be used, in that GS will always be the last pick on any line. Athletes must meet Alaska eligibility rules. Selection Boards will include only the events to be held at the Series, with the exception that Speed Events Series boards will also include GS.