2020 Tri-Divisionals

Selection Boards // Trip Details // Payment Links

Selection Boards

U16 WOMEN (Quota 6)

1. Gries, Alyssa (Intent received)
2. Allard, Brooke-Lynne (Accepted 3/8)
3. Flannery, Brenna (Intent received)
4. Collins, Avery (Paid in Full)
Langland, Annika (opted for AWG)
5. Miller, Taryn (Paid in Full)
. Third Alternate: Hester, Breanna (Paid in Full)
7. Fourth Alternate: Schumaker, Sadie (Intent Received)
AWG: LUKES, LUCY (Declined 3/8)


U14 WOMEN (Quota 12)

  1. LENTFER, Brook (Intent Received)
  2. HEINZ, Paige (Intent received)
  3. ADKINS, Alise  (Paid in Full)
  4. ROGERS, Emma (Intent Received)
  5. WOODWARD, Lola (Paid in Full)
  6. JOHNSEN, Eden (Paid in Full)
  7. HARTMAN, Taylor (Paid in Full)
  8. NEWKIRK, Evangeline (Intent Received)
  9. PETTER, Vida (Intent Received)
  10. FIACCO, Finley (Intent Received)
  11. MOREHEAD, Brielle (Intent Received)
  12. ALLEN, Lucy (Intent Received)
  13. AWG: ALDERSON, Elizabeth (Accepted 3/8)

U16 MEN (Quota 6)

Reinbold, James (DECLINED)
1. Neuberger, Ben (Accepted 3/8)
Carl, Maxwell (DECLINED 3/8)
Niclai, Coen (DECLINED)

2. Von Wichman, George (Intent Received)
Hymas, Karsten (DECLINED)
3. First Alternate: Deschamps, Ryder (Intent Received)
Second Alternate: Reinbold, William (DECLINED)
4. AWG: WRIGLEY, JACK (Accepted 3/8)
5. Third Alternate: HAND, Carson(Intent Received)
6. Fourth Alternate:  PETTER, Rye (Intent Received)

U14 MEN (Quota 6)

AWG: FOLDS, Charlie (Declined 3/9)
1. AUTREY, Dylan (Intent Received)
WILSON, Corbin (Opted for AWG)
ALA, Ryder (Intent Received – PULL)
2. JEFFERS, Reuben (Intent Received)
BAJWA, Santiago (Opted for AWG)
First Alternate:  Schillinger, Alex (Declined)
3. Second Alternate:  CUTCHINS, Grady (Intent Received)
4. Third Alternate:  AHMASUK, Robert (Paid in full)
Fourth Alternate: CONOLLY, John (Declined)

Pay Trip Cost Estimate

We must receive athlete’s full trip payment by March 17, 2020.
The Trip Cost Estimate is $1,500.00 per athlete.

Trip Cost Covers: Coaches, Lodging, Transportation, Lift Tickets, Team Coat and Wax
Does not cover airfare or entries (online registration by athlete/parent)

We do not accept cash or checks. Payments must be made online here with the PayPal button form below. You do NOT need to have a PayPal account – you can use any major credit card.

Trip Cost Estimate – $250.00 Trip Deposit = Remaining Due of $1,250.00

Athlete’s Name

Trip Details

March 20-23, 2020
1 SG / 1 GS / 1 SL
Big Sk, MT

Race Announcement [PDF]

Coaches: Allie Ace, Morgan Haymans, Tim Thornley

Lodging / Food:  Athletes will be staying at the Huntley Lodge, and it will include a hot breakfast buffet every morning.   Cost estimate does not include lunch or dinner costs.

Travel Itinerary + Flights

The coaches have their flights booked and there are a couple of options for you.  Please look at the below itineraries and book your flights as soon as possible for the same flights.  If you are unable to book on the same flights, please try to book on the closest arriving or departing flights (making sure you are departing after their departure).  

Allie Ace & Morgan Haymans Flights
Confirmation Code: YJEUXL

Tim Thornley Flights
Confirmation Code: GZEXZJ